Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brock's Moto Accident

A week ago Friday, Brock went to ride his dirt bike with his friend, Robby. This is a usual event when Brock is home. What was unusual was that Brock called me to come pick him up shortly after he got there (it's normally an all day thing). Brock said that he had crashed so he was ready to come home. Brock's crashed before and he sounded so nonchalant about it that I thought it was not a bad one.

That night, he was in pain when he breathed in deeply. This led us to believe that he could have had a broken rib, but we still thought that maybe it was just sore from his crash. The next day, we went with our church to help with flood relief. What this entailed was demolishing houses. Brock was right there with all of the other guys swinging a sledge hammer and whatnot. Finally, our pastor began to ask him why he was "trying to take it easy" as Brock told everyone. When he told the pastor what he was feeling and what happened, he talked him into going to get it x-rayed.

So, last Friday, a week after the accident, Brock got it x-rayed. The doctor affirmed that Brock did have at least one broken rib but it was broken in the best possible spot right by his sternum. He also x-rayed his back since he landed on his back. He then noticed that his T-7 was crushed...again in the best possible spot to break your back, but still a break at that. Since you cannot put a cast around your ribs or back, Brock looks completely normal. He is not in extreme pain (little trouble sleeping and cannot laugh or breathe too hard). However, he is taking it as easy as Brock can. That means no strenuous exercise or anything. He can do everything he normally does like drive and such. He can even do his shows. He is just being extra cautious with his body. I keep asking him if he is okay and he always says "yes." Luckily, we have John to help with the heavy lifting and we don't leave for summer shows for another few weeks. It's all good.


Amber said...

Oh My Goodness!!! I can't believe he was actually able to swing a sledge hammer. Poor thing, I hope he heals up quickly!