Thursday, July 01, 2010

Our Friend Paul

Brock really inspires me sometimes. After I got out of the hospital, at a time when he should be worried about doctor bills, he wanted to send some money to our friend, Paul, in Dominican. Paul's life got really complicated after we left. His dad's health got bad and he needed some expensive medical treatment. All of Paul's money (the little he has) goes to help his father. He and his wife are having difficulties because of all of the stress. He is actually staying with a friend. The only problem is that there is no bed for him. He's sleeping on cardboard. So, Brock wired him money to buy a bed.

I read Brock's emails back and forth between him and Paul. Paul speaks French, so the messages are in French. It does not matter to Brock. He's sharing the message of Jesus with a man many miles away and despite the language barrier. Paul still has a lot of questions. He is confused about there being only one God since there are so many religions. Pray for Paul to come into a relationship with the Lord and Brock to have the right words for him.