Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Date Night

Brock and I have been having a date night every Monday night that we are home. It's been so good for us. It's a time when we intentionally spend time together. What we normally do is go to a restaurant that we have never tried. We are such foodies and this satisfies our adventurous side without having to come up with something new every week. However, we like to change it up from time to time.

Last night, the weather was so good that we picked up some tacos and took them to a park. After our picnic, we walked around and talked a little. When it got dark, we watched a scary TV show on our laptop. It made it even spookier to watch it outside in the dark!

What was your favorite date that you have ever been on? We need more ideas!


Anonymous said...

We went walking in the rain--many years ago when we lived in Natchitoches. It was just a gentle rain with no ligtning so we took off walking all through the campus and down by the lake. People would stop and offer us a ride and then look at us a little funny when we turned them down. But, it was so fun. :)

Gi and Papa

AUNY said...

That sounds romantic!

Amber said...

We threw a mattress in the back of our truck and went out into the woods and stared up at the stars and talked:)

Haley said...

One of our most fun dates, was having a picnic in the park and throwing a frisbee. It was close to July 4th, so there were fireworks, too. But even without that part, we had a lot of fun!