Friday, July 02, 2010

Pics from Fort Walton Beach







PhotobucketWent to McGuire's for Jacob's birthday.


PhotobucketSince it was his birthday, he had to kiss the moose. McGuire's has some crazy traditions. Notice all of the dollars hanging everywhere. There is over 900,000 of them in this restaurant.

The bathrooms are crazy at McGuire's. They make it look like the MEN's is the LADIES's room and vice versa. Lindsey was confused!

PhotobucketWe went to the bridge to swim. Last time, Brock jumped off of the bridge...not this year.

PhotobucketThey had buoys trying to keep out the oil. Brock and Lindsey used it as a float.

PhotobucketJohn found a hermit crab as he was snorkeling.

PhotobucketJacob and Kayla

PhotobucketMe and Lindsey

PhotobucketAll of us at the Donut Hole.

PhotobucketJohn holds his knee still after Lindsey informed him that he was shaking the whole bench while bouncing his knee. They became like brother and sister on this trip. Every now and then, I would say, "Stop fighting with your sister." It was funny!

PhotobucketUs eating the redfish at Marina Cafe.

PhotobucketThe girls

PhotobucketThe guys. I won't show you the first pic I took of the guys because it involves a little crack. You know when you tell guys to take a picture together, they cannot be serious!

PhotobucketThe happy couple.

PhotobucketThe other happy couple.

PhotobucketWe rented a boat and went out to Crab Island.

PhotobucketCrab Island is where all of the boats go and stay all day...hundreds of boats.

PhotobucketThis was the boat we got lunch from out there.


PhotobucketBrock brought a watermelon to eat out there.

PhotobucketBrock was the driver.

PhotobucketUs eating at McGuire's again. (They have great burgers and steak, so I could get plenty of iron.)

PhotobucketUs eating at Dewey Destins with some friends.

PhotobucketThe apartment we stayed at.

PhotobucketMe sitting under the umbrella at the beach the last day we were there.

PhotobucketMore watermelon.

This was all we saw of the oil. It was only one day and it was not much. They kept saying that it was going to come in, but it remained beautiful our whole stay!