Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pics from the show in the Superdome

PhotobucketBrock trying to adjust the sail during the storm.

PhotobucketWhen he calmed the storm, he was at an impossible angle.

PhotobucketThe next set was less serious.



PhotobucketBrock brought up the President of the Lutherans to help put him in the straight jacket. Everyone loved it!

PhotobucketThe banter between them was hilarious.

PhotobucketI could not capture even a tenth of the crowd.



AUNY said...

We found out that while Brock was onstage, a youth pastor was screaming out his name and he jumped over the edge thinking the bleachers were right below him. It was a 50 foot drop. He suffered broken bones of all sorts. We did not find out that until later. When we did find out, Brock gave the kids in his youth group a dvd to take to him in the hospital.

Mom in Shepherd said...

I know youth pastors are all a bit crazy--this proves it. I bet his kids love him. Very funny.