Friday, July 09, 2010

Setting Up Carrie's Art

I helped my friend, Carrie, set up her art in a room at a gallery in Nashville. It was an interesting night. First of all, we were supposed to go into the alley near the art studio. We could not find it, so we were traipsing around downtown at 8pm on a Tuesday night. We were careful not to get out of the truck unless it was necessary. Just when she was about to call, Olga, the German lady in charge of the gallery. Her phone died. So, she used my phone to call her husband to get her number. We finally found the alley she was talking about.

The gallery was on the 2nd floor, so we had to carry all of the art up this creepy elevator. I just knew it was going to get stuck, and we would be there all night because it was after hours...nobody was around except Olga.

As we set up Carrie's room, which proved to be challenging since one wall was a thin board covering up a window and another one was fabric covering a doorway, we could hear Olga having a heated phone call in German. Carrie said that she was a little scared of Olga, but she was nice enough to let Carrie place her art in a room in her gallery for this month.

When we were almost done with hanging what we were going to hang that night, Olga called my phone (remember Carrie's was out of juice). When I answered, she said, "Carrie! You have to move your truck! Hurry down!"

We went ahead and left because I was worried that my truck (we used it to transport the art) was being towed or something. We ran down the stairs (forget that elevator!) and found that a big semi was trying to drive through the alley. We left with no problem, and got out of the big truck's way. It's always an adventure when me and Carrie are together!Photobucket


Mom in Shepherd said...

If that is Carrie's art she is standing in front of, I love it. So free looking.

Your grandmother and I visited restored downtown where I grew up in Florida. We went in the old but now restored Marble Arcade building and went into one of the tiny elevators. In the "old days" they had a person who sat on a stool, operated the elevator as everyone entered, physically pulling the accordion-like gate like your elevator had. It was funny seeing your reactions.

AUNY said...

Yeah. We'd never been in an elevator like that!