Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Prayer for Upcoming Week

Please pray for our upcoming week. Tonight and tomorrow night, we have shows in Kalamazoo, Michigan (yes, there really is a Kalamazoo and I didn't make that up). Friday night, we do a conference in Orlando, FL. Sunday, we do the biggest show of our lives (meaning the most people in attendance with 25,000) in the Superdome in New Orleans. We will stay there for a couple of days and then fly to Dallas to perform on Wednesday and in San Antonio, TX on Saturday of that week. Wow! It makes me tired and excited just thinking about it! (I wasn't sure if I should use an exclamation point there. It did have excited in the sentence but it also had tired. Still not sure but I went with the exclamation anyway.)

Pray that it all goes well. Have I told you lately how much your prayers mean to me? It brings me to tears to think about your sweet prayers lifted up to our mighty God. Thank you so much for battling with us in prayer.


Mom in Shepherd said...

We read this post in our Wed. night prayer group. We prayed for you and Brock in meeting this schedule. We also prayed for the people who will hear the gospel. We prayed many decisions would be made for God. One lady reminded us that Michigan is a very depressed area because of the higher than average joblessness there now because of the weak economy. We prayed that in their time of need, some will turn to the Lord.