Thursday, July 15, 2010

An Unusual Exchange at the Local Home Depot

Earlier this week, Brock and I were at the local Home Depot buying a new toilet since our toilet just quit working. As we were checking out, an older lady came up to us and asked if we were replacing an older toilet. After we told her that the toilet was about 30 years old, she told us this story: "We had company staying at our house. One guy came out of the shower the wrong way, and do you know that his knee came right down on the top of that commode breaking it into? So, I just need a top to the toilet." She would have to buy a whole new toilet just to get the top. Maurine was her name and she was very animated that Maurine!

We told her that we would bring her our old one, and she gave us her phone number. That was that. I bet that she thought she would never hear from us again.

Well, yesterday, I was going to do some errands, so I brought it to town with me. I gave Maurine a call yesterday morning. She did not answer, so I left her a message. I guessed that she would not call me back. To my surprise, later that afternoon, she did. We met in that Home Depot parking lot and I gave her our old toilet top. It was such a strange exchange right there at the local HD! As I put it in her backseat for her, she said, "Now this was just a miracle!" It was such an unusual occurrence for both of us to follow through on that and make it happen.


April said...

What a funny story! And even better that she called it a miracle..God really does supply all of our needs. :)

Mom in Shepherd said...

So hilarious. Trust me, that was very important to that older lady. I bet you restored her faith in the younger generation. Ha!

Joy Argow said...

thats awesome auny