Monday, February 23, 2009

17 Miles

We ran 17 miles yesterday. It was so difficult. One thing is that we've been so busy that we've only been able to run twice a week instead of 3 times a week (Brock couldn't even do that last week because he felt so badly). Also, we were just rather tired in general, and it was so cold.

I've learned a lot training for this marathon. Because we've ran in the rain, sleet, and snow, I've learned to stick it out no matter what. Even when I don't want to do something like run several miles in the snow, I do it anyway. This is building my character.

Plus, it's great training in life. For example, I ran 17 miles yesterday, so Monday, when I run 6 miles, it will be a piece of cake. That's the same way it is in our life right now. We have a really busy schedule plus we're training for this marathon. Therefore, when we have a really busy schedule again but aren't training for the marathon, it will be so much easier.