Thursday, February 12, 2009

Indiana University

The show went great last night! We heard that there could be a lot of opposition, so we didn't know what to expect. We were prepared for people walking out or heckling or cussing us out or whatever. When it came time for Brock to share his belief in Christ, you could have heard a pin drop. It went really well.

Someone from Campus Crusade (the organization that we were working with) said that it got exceptionally quiet during that time. I told him that it always does. One pastor termed it the "Holy Hush." We believe that it's a gift straight from the Lord. When Brock really gets into his message, there is an unnatural silence. I feel like it's supernatural. In our loud world today, I cherish that time of the Holy Hush. Every time, it gives me a pause and lets me talk with my Creator. You cannot help but acknowledge His presence during that time, because it is thick in the room.

Pray for the students at Indiana University. Pray that there is a change here on campus. Pray for the follow up from last night. Thanks for your prayers so far.


Anonymous said...

God is so awesome!

WOW! (As Brock would say!)

I also love those "Holy Hushes" and we all need them!

Mrs. G