Monday, February 16, 2009

March 11 is Global Food Crisis Day

Here is the radio spot Brock did for the upcoming Global Food Crisis Day:

We may have a chocolate tasting hosted by Brock on that night to raise money for this effort. Maybe some of you would want to join alongside us at your home or church. You could order a chocolate tasting kit from us or get your own chocolate from your local store. Lindt is a good chocolate. They have many different flavors added to the chocolate. You don't have to buy too much when you have a chocolate tasting, either. Each person only tastes a little from each bar.


Barbara said...

i personally don't like lindt... i like ameno now... i love it!! hahaha
here in mexico just have lindt... you don't find other better chocolate. is sooo sad. maybe when i go and see you again i'll buy you some boxes hahahaha

miss ya

i couldn't see the vide. i'll comment about it latter. =)

AUNY said...

Yeah, I like Amano, too, but that's for people who cannot get anything but what is at their local store.