Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bloomington, IN

The reason I'm so excited that we are going to be in Bloomington, IN for the next couple of days is because the book I'm reading by Karen Kingsbury takes place there. In fact, this is the third series of books that I've read that take place in this town. Now, I know that I won't be able to visit with the characters, because they are fiction. (Sometimes I have to remind myself that these people don't exist.) However, I'm such a visionary person that it will help me to see the town to know how to picture everything while the characters' lives play out in Bloomington. I know this sounds crazy. If you are a Karen Kingsbury fan, then you understand.

Today and tomorrow are going to be extra tough for us. Brock is doing a lot of street performances to encourage people to come to the show tomorrow night. All of this will take place at Indiana University where I hear has many atheists. I used to think that Satan really had his hand in our high schools. He does, but he's taken over our college campuses! Pray for us as we try and soften the hearts of the students to the gospel of Christ.


Chad and Rebecca said...

I have read these books! They are great! Enjoy your time there. I keep wanting to go to Prince Edward Island (Anne of Green Gables).

Haley Frederick said...

I totally understand... and I'm completely jealous! Did you get to meet her on the cruise?

Praying for your tough week. Love you.

the hoops said...

I am a huge fan of her work. I have read this series as well, and I have been to bloominton as well. Even though its not a real story I feel like it is, and having been there makes it even more realistic to me. I love her books!

Barbara said...

i have never heard about her. but i'll put her in my list.

sometimes i have to remind myself that the book characters doesn't exist. haha

i'm praying for you. =)

Mom in Shepherd said...

praying for you. mom