Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Busy Schedule

We leave today to drive to Brandon, MS. Then, we do schools shows in the morning as well as a show tomorrow night. On Thursday, we'll drive home. Friday morning, we fly to Durham, NC and do a show that night. Saturday, we drive to Charlotte, NC to do a show that night. Sunday morning, we fly out really early in the morning to New Orleans. Then, we drive an hour or so to Covington, LA in order to do a 20 minute show that morning. We do a full show that night. Monday, we fly home. Tuesday, we run 6 miles. Wednesday morning, we fly to Lincoln, NE to perform there. Then, we fly home Thursday of next week. Oh, it makes me tired just writing it all out. Please pray that we make it!


Haley Frederick said...

It makes me tired, too! I could never do what you guys do... but we'll pray for endurance for the coming week.

Barbara said...

wooow, very busy week... that's good.
i'llpray por you.

Anonymous said...

I will be praying for your stamina and that the hearts of those who attend will be open to the Holy Spirit!!