Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Good Day

Thank you for your prayers. I was so busy on Monday that I didn't sit down all day until we were at family dinner. However, I felt really good and was able to get a lot done. I didn't know why until I remembered that I had asked you guys to pray. I really appreciate your works!

We decided to take yesterday off since we don't know when we will be able to take one off again. We were supposed to have meetings yesterday, but they both canceled. It was a wonderful day. We began the day by watching the Supercross on tv. Matt from Eleventyseven and Jacob from our office had stayed the night Monday night. Then, Lindsey came over to watch the Supercross. After it was over, another Supercross came on. Since it was lunch time and we didn't want to leave, I pulled out food from our freezer and pantry. The 5 of us ate burgers that Brock had grilled and I had frozen, green beans, tomato bisque soup, and some leftover spaghetti. It was an interesting lunch, but it was fun!

Then, Brock and I went on a and dinner. We came home after dinner and relaxed by the fire. What a wonderful day.

Today, I am doing laundry and getting ready to head out tomorrow. Does anyone have a guess at how many loads of laundry I will have done this week?


Haley Frederick said...

I'm gonna guess 15.

Teresa (in GA) said...

I'll guess "one" load too many..;)

Amber said...

22:) I hope not for your sake!

AUNY said...

You're close, Haley...14 loads and I just finished. It's 10pm and I am finally done!!!