Friday, February 06, 2009

This is Church

This is Lindsey's last post on her blog. I wanted you to read it. This is how I feel about our family dinners. Lindsey simply put it into words for me...

for the past few weeks i have, along with all of my friends, been traveling every weekend. stephanie is on winter jam, and emily is with her. brock and auny have been doing their thang. and then there's me and my arenacross. plus lindsey is so far away she's in tomorrow, and jacob has been traveling a little with brock and auny, but working hard here.

once a week we all get together, we have dinner we share what our lives have been like in the past week and then we spend time praying for each other. i'm still a bit in shock sometimes when my friends and i pray together. it's such a freedom i have never experienced. during our prayer this week i was just overwhelmed with a sense of belonging. i haven't been able to go to church for the past 2 months because i have been gone every weekend. we are able to get together though and share, love and be the church to each other.

oh and the rocks too! :)