Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Family Dinner Last Night

Family dinner last night was great! We had one friend, Clay, stop by. He's out on tour with Micheal W. Smith as a guitar tech or something like that. He's always on tour. We call him and Lindsey Little nomads. They both just travel from place to place and come into Nashville every now and then.

Speaking of Lindsey Little, she skyped us from New Zealand. She gave us two presents...flowers (it's summer there) and a kiwi. She had to pretend to give it to us. She also showed us the proper way to eat a kiwi.

After we had finished the gumbo, all prayed together, and Clay had left (of course, he had to go 50 other places because he is only in town a couple of days), Matt from Eleventyseven came by. We played banana grams (that's a very fun game that we play every week). It was great!