Monday, October 12, 2009

A Break From the Road

I am taking a two month break from the road. I will still be working some, though. I will make all of the travel plans for Brock and John (he will be going with Brock on all of the shows) and pack up for every trip. However, I will be staying home! You could say that I am taking a sabbatical from the road.

I haven't stayed at home for 2 months straight since I was in high school. That's been 15 years! This is going to be very different. I also do not have any routines. I take showers at different times every day. I eat at all different times, and the list goes on and on. So, I have decided to try an experiment. I'm going to stay home for these two months and create a routine. I will do the same thing weekly. For example, Wednesday will be errand day as well as the day I attend a women's Bible study.

It's going to be interesting. Time will tell if I enjoy the routine or hate it. You are more than welcome to walk with me through this time. Some of you that have more of a routine in your life may be thinking that my grand ideas of keeping a schedule will never work. I guess I must learn the hard way, or maybe it will be so much easier to have some sort of order to my days. Ready or not, here I go!!!


Haley Frederick said...

I'm very interested to see if you enjoy this time off. You'll probably find a new hobby!

Tiffany said...

Remember... A small piece of chocolate every day, still counts as routine! See ya Wednesday! BTW- I have a treasure chest there which, of course, involves chocolate.

Rhonda said...

Enjoy all of the new routine stuff and try not to fill your schedule too much. I wish I could join you guys on Wednesdays, but it is a little too far to commute.