Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chocolate Tour in New York City

We went on a walking chocolate tasting tour in New York City. This is Kee's chocolate and was our favorite place that we went! She breaks a lot of rules when it comes to chocolate. For example, she serves her chocolate the day she makes it and keeps it cool. Most chocolatiers make the chocolate a few days before they serve keep it at room temperature. The creme bruele truffle was amazing! It was an experience when you put it in your mouth. In fact, Brock made quite a scene when he fell all the way to the ground after he tasted it! He was blown away by the magical flavor. The chocolatier was there that day and she got a kick out of how excited Brock was over her chocolate.

We also went to Vosges chocolate cafe. You may recognize the name. She happens to be young, but is very successful. She is famous for making very unique chocolate like bars with bacon in it.

Marie Belle was a fashion designer. That's why her store looks like the inside of a southern belle's closet. The walls are a torquoise satin. There is a chest of drawers in the center of the store displaying some boxes of chocolate. Also, her husband is an artist and his art is displayed on the top of her truffles.

Eileen was here the day we went in. She began by using her building as a bakery to make her treats and ship them to restaurants all over the city. People began knocking on her door asking what that wonderful smell was and if they could buy something. Therefore, she opened the store to the public and won best NYC bakery for three years in a row.