Friday, November 06, 2009

Bookstore Fiasco

I knew that it would happen. One day it was bound to occur. That day was last week...

I go to my favorite bookstore in town often. I just love the look of all of the books on the shelves. It makes me feel inspired just walking in there. Truly the most adventurous place in the world is a room full of books.

When I go into the bookstore, I don't bring the book I am reading in because I am afraid they are going to think that it's their book and when I walk out with it that I am stealing it. So, I go and get their book off of the shelf to read while I am in the store and replace it before I leave.

Last week, I realize it's time to leave, so I gather the book that I am reading in my arms and walk out to my truck. I open the door and place the book on the seat of the truck and that is when I saw it. There were now two of the same books sitting in my truck. Now, I am all the way out of the building and into the parking lot. This means that I unintentionally had stolen a book!

What was I going to do? Well, I had to take it back immediately. As I began walking back into the store, I noticed the detectors to each side of the door. I pause wondering what was going to happen when an alarm sounded. How would I explain this? I quickly walk through the door and by the detectors. Do you know what happened? NOTHING. No big siren screaming, "You are a thief!" No staff wrestling me to the ground demanding that I hand over the book...nothing. After scanning the whole bookstore and realizing that nobody has even noticed me, I walk to the back of the store, place the book back on the shelf where it belonged, and exit the store!


Amber said...

I have TOTALLY done that before and realized just how easy it is for someone who is actually trying to steal! Glad you didn't get in trouble:)

Michawn said...

ha...that's hilarious. and, those detectors really work, huh. ;) funny how they always seem to work when someone is actually NOT stealing. annoying.