Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Coincidental Conversation

Yesterday, like every Tuesday, I spent it in downtown Franklin. I had lunch with my girlfriends and Brock had lunch with a guy and then we all met up at Sweet CiCi's for two punch Tuesday. We get two holes punched on our card for every one frozen yogurt we buy. After the 9th punch, we get a free one!

As we were eating our ice cream (sorry, frozen yogurt!), our friend was telling us about how he was a victim of credit card fraud. As he was explaining it, I received a phone call from an unknown number to me. Since I did not know who it was, I did not answer it. (I have a close number to someone else whom I don't know but whose family does not realize that they dialed the wrong number AGAIN until I answer.)

After seeing that I had a voice message, I stepped out of the store to listen. It was from the fraud department at our bank. They had a question about a purchase made with Brock's credit card. We soon found out that while we were in CiCi's talking about credit card fraud, someone was in New York buying $1,000 worth of computer software on our credit card! To my knowledge, this has never happened to us before, and it happened at the same time we were talking about it!


AUNY said...

Brock is without a credit card for right now, so I am his sugar mama! It might take a couple of weeks, but we are going to get our money back.