Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Grandma

My grandma is so funny! She told me to look for a box of crackers. She said that she put it in a place where she could find it, and she'd been looking it for it ever since. I found it behind the trash can. Then, she told me that she'd drawn a map to her mountain dews. My aunt does not like her to drink it, so she hides them. However, she kept forgetting where she hid it, so she drew a map!

The funniest thing she said last weekend was when she told us a joke. She said that back in the olden days, a man and his wife were in their horse and carriage when the horse stalled. The man said, "That's once!" They continued on for a little while but the horse stalled again. "That's twice!" the man declared. When the horse stalled the third time, the man simply got out of the carriage and shot the horse. His wife said, "Now, why did you do that to the horse?" The man looked at her and said, "That's once!" Then, Grandma said, "The moral of that story is that, Pam (my mom), you've woken me up twice." She was just teasing her of course.

One of the best things about Grandma is that she says, "Thank You, Lord" several times a day. Sometimes she says why she is thanking Him after. It's not necessarily a big thing. She'll thank Him for feeling better than she did earlier. When she says the blessing before the meal, she thanks the Lord for everyone present and more. She really inspired me to be more thankful to the Lord.


Haley Frederick said...

That is hilarious!!!! I want to hang out with your grandma. :) Tell your mom she better watch out!

Michawn said...

so fun, auny. so glad you are getting to relax a little and take a much needed breather...and get to spend time with family. we're next, k? ;)