Thursday, November 05, 2009


We needed a scorpion for the show on Friday night. We wanted to get it last minute because we didn't want to keep it very long. We called around and the closest one was in Murfreesburo. I called up my friend, Tiffany, who lives there. I apprehensively told her about the scorpion and she said she would pick it up without hesitation. Her husband was the one who hesitated when he brought it to our house the next day. Tiffany and the kids liked it and named it Fluffy.

After having Fluffy a few days, he grew on all of us. Brock was wanting to keep him, but we can barely keep a plant. Tiffany found a guy that wanted him, but in the end, even Kevin, her husband, was wanting him.

We bought him a little container to put him in. We also put a couple of crickets in his home to eat. He didn't eat them right away, but the next morning, he had one of them in his claw. I actually liked having him around while Brock was gone. Of course I never took him out of his container. I wasn't that comfortable with him. I gave him away yesterday. Oh well, I will remember Fluffy.


Rhonda said...

Isn't it cool that once you got to know fluffy you saw past his exterior and actually wanted him. It gives a small glimpse into how God can look past our obvious negatives and love us.

Mom in Shepherd said...

Leave it to Rhonda to make such a crossover into a spiritual truth. Way to go Rhonda.