Monday, November 30, 2009

I Am Still Thankful

I thought that Brock said this really well:

i know that thanksgiving is over but i am still thankful. i have realized how blessed i am this year and i just want to continue to thank God for what i have in my life.

this weekend i was reminded that we are not promised tomorrow. i got the news that my friend lost his life this weekend. its an awful situation and the details are still unknown at this point. what i do know is that he made a bad choice and ended his own life. he found a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

no person is immune to tragedy. for many years he traveled as a communicator to youth groups all over america. he recently founded a church in sugarland texas and was a new pastor. he had a wife and 3 kids. it seems like everything was going great. he seemed to be living the american dream. unfortunately a series of circumstances along with the enormous pressure of being a church leader and spiritual teacher took its toll.

his name was thomas young.

its times like these that make me look at my own life and take inventory. thats when i see how thankful i should be. im thankful for the wonderful life that God has given me. its a sad day but im still thankful.