Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Visit in Florida with my Family

I had a great time with my family last weekend. We had lots of the family over to dinner Friday night. Grandma made her famous biscuits.
Grandma's new great-great grandchild was present. The mother kept teasing Grandma about leaving the three month old there for the night and letting Grandma babysit. Grandma was not too keen on the idea. She's too old for infants. So, when everyone was standing around the door getting ready to leave and the baby was sitting in his carrier back on the sofa, Grandma quietly said, "Don't forget your baby." It was so funny because it really did look like we'd forgot about him sleeping there in the other room.Photobucket
Saturday night we went to see the musical, Jane Eyre, put on by the college there. It was good!

Every morning, we went out for breakfast. Usually we went to Bob Evans. Here's mom and her sisters there.Photobucket

Grandma put up a "closed" sign in the kitchen. Here's mom breaking the rules.Photobucket

We had lunch with my aunt and some of her family on Sunday.Photobucket
Sunday night, on a whim mom wanted to go to Steak n' Shake, so we did! It was fun.

Pray for me tonight. I am going to share my story with the girls in my village.


Doris said...

I shall be praying for you! Virginia looks so good! I am really glad you all got to visit! I miss her--she is so precious to so many of us! Love and prayers for her always!

Mrs. G