Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Pics from the Party

PhotobucketThere was food of course! Gumbo and chili were on the menu.

PhotobucketWe had people squeezed in everywhere!

PhotobucketThis group did not like the candid shots, so they smiled for the picture.

PhotobucketThen, they gave me a fake "candid" shot.

PhotobucketSome of the girls.

PhotobucketLots of beautiful girls. Where are all of the guys?

PhotobucketHere's one!

PhotobucketAmy bumped her head on the ladder coming in the door.

PhotobucketThese three dressed up. I loved their costumes!

PhotobucketChocolate Fountain!!!

PhotobucketAt the beginning of the show, I lit the candles. I got to be a different character as I assisted Brock. I was very stoic. I figure that's the way they were back then. At least they are never smiling in their pictures, so I pretended to be someone right out of an old photograph.

PhotobucketBrock had people roll a die. Then, they would place their hand in the corresponding bucket. There was straw and nails and such in all of the buckets except the last one. The last one which nobody every rolled that number had a scorpion in it! Brock is showing the scorpion to everyone in this picture. They all freaked out!

PhotobucketWelcome to the circus!

PhotobucketAnd the curtains are pulled back!

PhotobucketSean sews a needle and thread through his neck!

PhotobucketLindsey eats fire.

PhotobucketJacob lays on a bed of nails and has his hand on fire.

PhotobucketBrock tells the scary story of Alma using magic and mentalism. It was an excellent show! Brock loved to be a different character.

PhotobucketThe crew.


Michawn said...

looks like so much fun. we just recently went to he circus here and basically it looked like your pictures. ;) so fun.

and, that's ashley there, isn't it? so great y'all got to re-connect.

we need to talk dates. i'll email you.

AUNY said...

Yep! We ran into her at church the other day and have seen her a couple of times since.