Monday, November 02, 2009

Party in the Rain

Last year, we had our party around the fire pit. Everything was based outside. This year, it poured down the entire night. So, we moved everything inside. We had 50 people squeezed into our little house, but it was fun!

Since we could not do the spooky hayride like we did last year, we had a scary, rainproof tunnel built at the entrance of our house. Everyone had to enter through the shop and go through a maze type thing made of black cloth and visqueen. In the shop, we had scary sound effects. When they got to the front porch, the tunnel shrunk so much that you literally had to crawl through it.

It was so much fun watching people come through that front door! That was the entertainment for the first part of the night. Then, we all ate chili and gumbo. Then, Brock spoke about Hands and Feet, the orphanage in Haiti. We raised about $1,500 for them so far. Praise the Lord!

After that, we served dessert which was cake, chocolate chip cookies, and we had a chocolate fountain. As they were mingling and eating dessert, I came out in costume and character. I didn't say anything, but I had a sign that said "The Show Begins." I carried a candle and led the way to the barn outside where we had the show.

The show was amazing! Brock was in character and told the story about a circus performer and his wife who was a gypsy back in the late 1800s. He did lots of magic, one thing involving a scorpion. Then, we pulled the curtains back to display an old time freak show. Sean pulled a needle and thread through his neck. Lindsey ate fire, and Jacob laid on a bed of nails. It was so cool! I will post pictures from the party tomorrow.