Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Day After Thanksgiving

PhotobucketWe went out the next day to chop down a little tree for Christmas.

PhotobucketSherri and Lindsey the Dancer helped us.

PhotobucketHere is our little Charlie Brown tree.

PhotobucketOf course we hung stockings.

PhotobucketAnd my door decoration.

PhotobucketI just stuck some Christmas paper cups over some lights and added a couple of ribbons.

PhotobucketThis is the nativity set my parents had since I can remember. My sister and I used to have to take turns (alternating days) rearranging the ceramic pieces. Lindsey and Sherri arranged them. They took their time and had a blast doing it. I guess some things are still fun to do as adults.

PhotobucketI added new table decorations this year.


PhotobucketThen, we had some others join us for turkey gumbo and more youtube videos.