Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Fun

PhotobucketBrock's been having some young magicians over every week to pour into them. It's fun!

PhotobucketWe went to a Christmas party at the Elrods.

PhotobucketThere, we hosted a chocolate tasting.


PhotobucketWe also went to the Cocoa Tree where 15 others met up with us.

PhotobucketThere's John, Sherri, and Lindsey the Dancer.

PhotobucketMe and my friend, Carrie.

PhotobucketThere's Carrie and Lindsey the fire eater (we had 3 Lindseys there that night).

PhotobucketKatie and Stephanie.

PhotobucketBrock talking with Robbie.

PhotobucketAnd many others.


PhotobucketA few of us being silly at an antique store in downtown Franklin.

PhotobucketThe rainy Dickens on the Square in Franklin.


PhotobucketSnow at our house!



Michawn said...

the pictures of snow at your house are so beautiful!!