Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Private Jokes

You know how you joke about something with others that are in on it? We had a joke with all of the people we spent time with over the last couple of weeks. At Brian and Stephanie's, Brock let Ryder steer the truck on their little neighborhood rode. Ryder, age 5, would steer the truck right into the ditch. It made him nervous, but Brock let him keep steering. When Ryder saw a curve coming up, he took his hands off the wheel and adamantly said, "I'm not playing this game anymore!" That was our joke the entire time. Every now and then, someone would randomly say it. How funny!

At Brock's parents, we watched all kinds of funny youtube videos. Our favorite were Antoine, Latarion, and the injured bad kid. We quoted them often. Once, I put them all together and said, "I stole my grandmama's car cause I was mad at my mama, and you know what he did? He kicked him in the penis, so hide your kids. Hide your wife!"

At my parents' I saw this youtube video of a boy who got books for Christmas. He said, "What the heck is this?" Then, he threw down the books and said, "Books? Who wants books?" The reason I really took note of this was because I got my nieces and nephews books for Christmas. To my defense, they are Dr. Suess and I got them a stuffed animal that goes with it. That was our joke!


Haley said...

But your niece and nephews LOVED the books. :)

DorisGodbey said...

Rhonda's youngest, Cliff, asked for books and was excited when he opened them...and had read almost half of one of them by the end of the day! Not everyone hates books!