Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Worship with Service

I have always heard people talking about how acts of service are a form of worship. I have never really understood what that meant until the Seven Significant Acts of Service. This has been my expression of worship all month. I have done acts of service before naturally. However, I have never been this intentional about it. Also, I have never really thought about it being worship. I have usually thought about it along the lines of obedience to the Lord. This has been a special time with the Lord. Maybe that's why He asked me to do it. It has given me such joy! It's so strange how serving others can do so much for you. I really think I am getting more out of this deal than the people I am serving.

The other day, we were talking about heaven and such. My friend said, "We can only worship in our lack while we are here." I began to think about that. It's so true. In heaven, we will be whole. We will not lack at all. It will be easy to worship there. Here on this messed up planet, we have plenty of lack. That definitely applies to the Seven Significant Acts of Service. I won't be able to hold my friend's hand when she hears the results of her blood test up there. I won't be able to donate to Soles4Souls up there. No more hanging out with friends who come from disfunctional homes on holidays. There will be no more need for that. I encourage you to try worshiping the Lord with acts of service to others. Worship Him here while you can worship in your lack.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for being such a great example! You encourge me often and remind me why we are here....so i say thanks.