Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rough Time

The last few days have been rough! We got to my parents' house Saturday afternoon. After we had been there for half an hour, Brock broke out in hives...bad! I gave him 2 benedrylls and assumed he would be a little hung over, but better in the morning. He had even more hives. He was miserable. Hives also make you stressed. Brock handles stress really well. Normally he is so easy going. However, it's a different story when he has hives. His eyes are big and full of worry...not a sight I am used to seeing. So, Sunday afternoon, I took Brock to an emergency clinic to get a steroid shot. The shot helped clear up the hives but gave him hiccups for 12 hours Monday.

To add to that, as we were driving around Houston with my parents Monday (while Brock was battling with hiccups), we lost all power and brakes. Brock was barely able to pull over in a parking lot. He used an incline to stop. He called AAA and mom called my sister, Kay. She and her family were in the car ahead of us going to a restaurant for lunch. We quickly realized that her cell phone was in her purse in our truck. So, my parents and I began walking the mile to the restaurant while Brock waited for the tow truck. Before we could walk the mile, my brother-in-law skyped us from the restaurant and he was able to come pick us up. However, dad and I had to ride in the back of the truck. It was crazy! We were being slung around and it smelled like trash back there. (He had just taken the trash that morning using that truck.) I cannot tell you how hungry we all were. It was 2 o'clock by then. It was a mess!

Finally AAA came, and our friend let us borrow his car until the next day when our truck was fixed. Brock's hiccups would stop for a few minutes after he tried another hiccup remedy, but it would start up again shortly all day Monday. Finally, late that night, they stopped for good. Tuesday, his esophagus was so sore from the hiccuping the day before. Tuesday night, he broke out in hives again, but after taking some Zertec, he quickly rid of them. Wow! We will remember this Christmas!