Wednesday, June 10, 2009


PhotobucketWe went to a coffee plantation
PhotobucketCoffee trees

PhotobucketWe toured a cocoa farm as well. This is a cocoa tree!

PhotobucketWe rode a boat over to the Fern Gully. They did some singing and hula dancing on the boat ride.

PhotobucketThe Fern Gully


PhotobucketYummy food there!

PhotobucketWe went on a snorkeling tour.


Haley Frederick said...

I've never seen a cocoa tree. Didn't actually know that cocoa came from a tree... but I guess I never really thought about it before. You need to give that picture to The Cocoa Tree.

Barbara said...

i'll give you a cocoa tree, so you can have your own cocoa. i think is cheaper than buy it... maybe you can make the brock&auny 99% cocoa-bar. hahaha

And i think the Hula dance was fun! what a great time you spend together. this is cool! =)

Anonymous said...

i like when you get words mixed up. i think i will blog about your funny words from your blog today

AUNY said...

It's called the Fern Grotto and not the Fern Gully. Brock pointed that out on his blog today.