Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hawaii---Kauai Terrain

Kauai has everything. It's got mountains and beaches. One side of the island is a desert while the center is a rain forest. It truly is beautiful! Here are some pictures from the island...

PhotobucketCactus on the desert side

Kauai is known as the garden Isle and I know why. There were flowers everywhere! When I woke up the first morning there, I expected to smell the beach sense we were staying on the beach, but it smelled like flowers.Photobucket

Photobucket90% of all of the plants and animals on Kauai are not found anywhere else in the world.



PhotobucketOne of the many beaches

PhotobucketOne of the many waterfalls

PhotobucketCan you see why they call this mountain range the "Sleeping Giant?"

PhotobucketThey had several caves just on the sides of the road. This one is called the blue room because it looks blue.

PhotobucketThis is looking up while we were in the cave.


AUNY said...

You should see Brock's blog for today. Apparently, it's not Fern "Gully" but Fern "Grotto," and he's giving me a hard time about it.