Monday, June 01, 2009

Chocolate Tasting #2

Does anyone recognize this guy? It's Peter Cetera, the lead singer of "Chicago," and he was at the chocolate tasting last night! Isn't that cool? He was talking to me about the chocolate and one of my friends said, "Do you know who you were just talking to?" I love "Chicago," and he loved the chocolate! He talked with Brock a little while about the chocolate, too.

This was the real star of last night. This is Liam. He has down syndrome and he's the cutest thing (go to to read more about Liam). All in all, 66 people came last night, and $3,000 was raised for Liam. What a great night!


Mom in Shepherd said...

Liam is truly precious. What a great picture of him. Your dad loves Chicago. He has some of their songs on his ipod.