Friday, June 19, 2009

Update on My Stomach

First of all, thank you so much for praying. For the first time in over 5 weeks, my stomach did not bother me at all yesterday. I want to continue to pray that it is indeed over.

Even though it was awful experiencing pain and such for a while, the Lord taught me a lot through it. I feel like I'm changing. For a while now I've been feeling like the Lord is trying to teach me to be more about people than tasks. I am a task oriented person. Brock is people, people, people. We are a good team, because since I am a task and a time person, Brock can be more free to be a people person. However, recently, I have been convicted that I need to be more about people than I am.

Since I've had this stomach problem, I began to lighten up quite a bit. I was beginning to be too anal about certain things. Along with that, I've been trying to get my priorities in order meaning people always come first. Yesterday, Lindsey and I were on the beach and Brock was back at the house taking a nap. Lindsey and I were having such a good conversation about the Lord and life that I totally lost track of time (I NEVER do that especially on a show day). Before we knew it, we'd been out there for 3 hours. We even missed a rehearsal that we were going to have before the service. We just sped up the rehearsal and everything went fine (It wasn't the end of the world that we were a little late). Maybe I am changing through all of this.


Mom in Shepherd said...

I am glad your stomach is better.