Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tales from the Block Party

The block party was so awesome today! Brock and Lindsey were a hit! We met some interesting people. People prayed for others.

The one person that I keep thinking about and will continue to pray for is Pedro. Pedro came up to Brock and they were "talking" through motions. I soon picked up on the fact that he is deaf. Somebody that knows sign language tried to come over and interpret only to find out that Pedro doesn't know how to sign. He cannot hear, talk, sign, read, or write. He's 16 years old and has never been to school. We found a local person that had connections. She was going to take Pedro home and talk with his family about getting him some help. Please pray for Pedro.

The other cool part about the block party was that many of the students from Superwow were there helping to put on the party. They were able to serve alongside of Brock. After I told Brock that, he said that on Tuesday when he felt the Lord telling him to do the missions project with the students, that's what he envisioned happening...him serving with students. What a dirty, hot, tiresome, perfect day!


Michawn said...

wow. that is so crazy about pedro. we forget things like that happen in our own country...people who just fall through the cracks and never get any sort of assistance with things that could just DRASTICALLY change their lives. i'll be praying for him.