Monday, June 15, 2009

Jack Jones

My sister, Kay, and her husband, Trent, as well as my six month old nephew, Jack, came to Texas from Bolivia for a visit. It was great to spend some time with them. I titled this blog Jack Jones because it's all about Jack. Kay and Trent are great, but that little Jack is amazing. Meet Jack:

PhotobucketMom, dad, and me picking them up at the airport.

PhotobucketMe and Jack

PhotobucketBrock and Jack

PhotobucketJack with the proud grandparents

PhotobucketJack sleeps with his hands behind his head like this. Isn't it funny? Every time the hands went up, we knew that he was getting sleepy.

PhotobucketThe parents


PhotobucketJack's first trip to the beach

PhotobucketThe sand didn't taste very good!


Pray for us this week. Tonight we begin our first day of Superwow camp.


Haley Frederick said...

He's so cute!!!

Barbara said...

he is beautiful!! i love him!!
i can't believe that he sleeps like that... he seems sooo uncomfortable hahaha that's funny!

your hair looks very nice in the picture, you look very different, pretty. I like it.
And brock looks like a homeless. hahaha

i love all the pictures. the baby is all a celebrity.