Sunday, June 28, 2009

Truck Sold

PhotobucketWe sold our truck Friday. Here's a journal entry that I wrote when we were about to sell it the first time:

I'm sitting in our rig for the last time. We are selling it today. I'm excited that we are getting rid of the burden of taking care of it, but I'm sad, too...such mixed emotions. I remember the first day that I sat in it thinking, "This is home," and it was. For the first 2 years, it was the only home we had. We didn't have a house at all. After a show, we'd go sit in the truck, pull out the atlas, and decide where we were going to go next!

We toured the country in this truck. We went to 44 states and Canada in it. I see a faint stain on the floor from where I spilled a whole pot of spaghetti sauce. There's a slight tear in the curtain from where one of our friend's child was playing on it. Our pictures still line the walls above the sink.

It's like saying goodbye to a house you lived in for a while. The only other "house" that I've lived in for a longer amount of time than this truck is the one I grew up in.

Of course it's not really the truck that I'm going to miss. It's all of the memories that the truck holds. My mind holds those memories as well. As long as I keep good records with photos, I can be reminded of the good ole times in this truck whenever I feel the need! That makes me feel better.


Mom in Shepherd said...

Life if full of "letting go's" and it sounds like you have a healthy approach to that process.

Amber said...

Glad you finally sold it:)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you were able to sell your "home" and move forward. God has so much for you to do and having this liability removed from you to make it easier.


Barbara said...

Good bye first home!
That's how life is. You can't be clong in something. You have to move on, and in the mean while, there will be good bye to many things. This is a big one.

big step.