Monday, June 22, 2009

What a Follower of Jesus Looks Like

I've been really convicted this week about looking after the least of these. Brock spoke about what a follower of Jesus really looks like. If you were to ask someone in this country how you know someone is a Christian, they would probably say because they go to church. To be a Christian means to be like Christ. Is that how you would describe Christ or his followers?

The scripture that I posted yesterday was when Jesus was talking about separating the sheep from the goats (basically Christians from nonchristians). How did he tell whom the Christ followers were...the ones who took care of the least of these. There was no mention of where they went to church. It's not saying that you must do these things to become a Christian. This is simply showing the evidence of a Christian. This is what a Christian would look like.

I don't necessarily think that we should help every single homeless person that we pass, but we should help the ones whom the Holy Spirit prick our hearts to help or include that person that feels left out. Sometimes I'm so busy doing my own thing that I don't even notice a person in need much less hear the whispers of the Holy Spirit. I know a couple of people that do this very often. They notice people in need. They are all about people. I am very encouraged and inspired by Brock and Lindsey Little. I want to be more like Jesus.


Barbara said...

I'm always constantly thinking in this too. I'm more like you. sometimes i concentrate with my things, or i pretend to be. that i close my ears to hear the holly spirit. Is probably my often pray. To be alert all the time. And hear every God's word.

What do you recomend?