Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stomach Problems

Please pray for me. I've had problems with my stomach for 5 weeks now. What I mean by problems with my stomach is that everyday I have some very sharp pains in my stomach and chest area. We think that it's due to an ulcer. I've had problems with it before, and the slightest bit of stress triggers it. When I'm hit with the pain, I feel so badly that I don't feel like doing anything. Please pray that this goes away FOREVER.


Matt and Meredith said...

Ok. Matt recently dealt with something similar. His was not in his chest but he had severe cramping in his stomach. The E.R. thinks it was just a stomach virus. Go get checked out. Meanwhile I'll be praying. Hang in there. Try and get some rest.

Anonymous said...

We are praying - make sure you check your email.


Mom in Shepherd said...

Auny, your mama is praying for you.