Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Day Two in San Francisco

PhotobucketThere was a farmers market near our hotel that day

PhotobucketLots of fruit

Photobucketand flowers

Photobucketand fish

PhotobucketBrock helped this lady hang her sign

PhotobucketBrock had a conversation with this guy about local farming and such. (Brock never meets a stranger.)

PhotobucketThis girl was the security guard in the clothing store called Forever21. Brock and Jacob actually showed her their i.d.s when they entered the store. She began laughing and said that they didn't have to be 21 to get into the store. I bet she's still talking about that in the break room!

PhotobucketWe ate at this great Indian restaurant.


PhotobucketThese were young homeless people that Brock gave a little money to.

PhotobucketWe went on a walking chocolate tour. On the right is Brenna, our guide. The other girl on the tour is Marylyn who is from Canada.

PhotobucketI took a picture of all the places we went on the tour.

PhotobucketWe tried a single origin chocolate bar here.


PhotobucketWe tried some wonderful truffles at this place.


PhotobucketThis place had over 200 different kinds of great chocolate bars.


PhotobucketWe had some hot chocolate here.


PhotobucketJacob loved the champagne truffle here so much that he fell to the floor!

PhotobucketHonestly, I'm not a huge fan of Ghirardelli chocolate so I didn't try any of the chocolate bars they gave us here. I was really full by this point anyway.


PhotobucketThis place had a collection of truffles and bars from local artisan chocolatiers. They were great!


media said...

This makes me want to go and eat chocolate!! I thought that was so funny of Brock showing the security card his id!! ~Rebecca Shipp

media said...

opps! security guard