Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Stories from the Last Shows

In Mississippi, a girl named Jessie came to the show. She had seen us before and loved the show. She brought her parents and a friend of hers. I noticed that her friend was blind. Jessie's mother told me the story about her. Jessie wanted to bring this girl with her because she had been praying for her. After being diagnosed with cancer, she had brain surgery that basically left her blind. The girl had somewhat lost her faith in the Lord along the way.

Brock did a new illusion that night to illustrate the gospel. It involved using a blindfold and telling about a lady who was blind. Jessie's mother said that this really got this girl's attention. She didn't accept the invitation to follow Christ that night, but the Lord is most certainly working in her heart.

In Montana, there was a little boy, probably about 10 years old, backstage. He kept crawling up the ramp trying to see Brock as he performed. Normally, I wouldn't really have paid much attention, but I had a feeling about him. I encouraged him to go to the top of the ramp almost on the stage in order to see Brock better. During the message, he listened very closely. When Brock asked peole who were ready to give their lives to Christ to raise their hands, the little boy raised his. Then, instead of going to the tent where Brock instructed everyone who raised their hands to go to, he took off somewhere backstage. I later found out that his dad was involved with the production crew. He was probably going to talk with his dad about it. It was cool that by giving him a front row seat, in a sense, I was getting a front row seat in how the Lord was moving in his life.


Krista :) said...

I love stories like this!

Rhonda said...

I love that you were open to the Holy Spirit and that is why you got to witness Him move. Your openness to the Holy Spirit is a powerful witness to all of us!