Monday, August 24, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

I had a great time with my parents. They took me to some of my favorite restaurants. We played games together, laughed together, and worked out together. In fact, I am still sore from the strenuous workout Dad had us do last week.

I finished writing my book. It took me a week to write it, but 30 years to live it. It's a very rough draft. In fact, some of it is still scribbled in my notebook from when I was on planes and didn't have a computer. However, I feel really good about finishing it. Now, as I get it all typed up, I can, in a sense, rewrite it.

Last night, I flew to Las Vegas to join Brock out here. He is still in a class, but he has his nights off. I will hang out at the pool during the days and go to shows at night. We like to go to shows because it inspires us with our show. Pray that our time here will be productive.