Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mom and Her Car

My mom loves her Toyota Camry. She's had several different ones over the years...some Champayne colored, some silver. However, they are always a Camry. In fact, one year, Dad came home with a Dodge for her instead of a new Toyota. He got a really good deal on it, and it seemed like a good car. Mom only kept that one for two years before she traded it in for another Toyota Camry.

She takes such good care of her car. In fact, she keeps it more clean and nice than any guy I've ever known. Because of this, I am always extra careful when I'm driving her car, especially when I am driving in and out of the garage. Their garage is what Brock calls a "one car, one motorcycle garage." It can fit more than one car, but it's not really big enough for two cars. Somehow, they do it though. In fact, they fit Mom's car and Dad's small truck in there. They have it all taped off on the sides where you need to line up your side mirrors so that you can close the garage door but not run into the shelves lining the front wall. It's also tight on the sides of the cars. We won't talk about how the long gash on the side wall shaped exactly like a side mirror of a car got there.

Yesterday, I went out to drive to the track to take my morning run. When I opened mom's car door, I noticed a can of air freshener lying in the driver's seat. Not such a subtle hint, Mom! Hahaha! I bet after running in this hot weather being all sweaty and leaving the car in the hot garage that it would stink!

You would think that since she loves and knows her car so well, that what happened Thursday night wouldn't have happened. I will tell you about that tomorrow...


Blasé said...

When you say "Jesus"...are you referring to the Mexican that trims my hedges, or the other guy?

Scott and Lyndsay Crews said...

Ha! My granddad was the same way. He bought Camrys in '93, '95, '97, 2000, and 2002. All from the same dealership. They got to be pretty good friends there by the fifth one. He'd always pass them down the line through the family. At one point or another I had the '95, '97, and 2000. They're all still running fine...all of them up around 200K miles.

Lyndsay's granddad is an Avalon guy. He bought an Avalon in '97, kept it for a decade, and then went out and got himself a new one in '07. ...which is how I got my car. After 10 years of driving my family's Camry's, I decided to give the Avalon a shot.

Don't let your mom test-drive anyone's Avalon...she may change her car of choice. Driving an Avalon just feels like driving the nicest Camry you've ever seen.

Barbara said...

that's a pretty car.
now, after your morning run, take the air frechener can and spray it to yourself. that way the car will not smell. bingo! hahahaha

Or run to the place you used to run and then come back hahaha. i'm kidding =)