Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nightmare at the Airport

Some of you may be wondering why I haven't blogged the last couple of days. Well, the problem is that I have been trying to fly from Montana to Houston. Brock went from Montana to Las Vegas for a magic conference, so I decided to come visit my parents in Houston while Brock was gone. I am going to meet up with him in Vegas Sunday.

My flight was supposed to leave out of Great Falls, Montana at 7:40am Sunday morning. We get on the plane no problem. Then, they come on the intercom and say that they were having trouble with the computer, so they were going to turn it off and reboot it. Well, it didn't work. They had us deplane. 10 1/2 hours later, they put me up in a hotel. So, I stayed in Montana by myself for another night. The plane had so many mechanical problems that they worked on it all day.

When I got there the next morning to try again on the 7:40am flight, the people whom worked at the airline were greeting me and saying that they were going to get me out of there that day! You know that you've been there too long when you make friends with everyone that works there.

That flight to Minneapolis was on time. Then, it was time for me to catch my flight to Nashville and then from there to Houston. In the middle of the flight to Nashville, they said that the weather was bad there, so they were going to land us in Memphis instead. They put us on a different plane. That didn't sound like weather problems to me. Come to find out, the windshield wipers on the plane were broken. We finally got on a new plane where they said that it might get stuffy because the air conditioner was broken.

When I got to Nashville, I'd missed my flight to Houston and it was the last flight out. So, I stayed in Nashville last night and FINALLY got to Houston today...2 days late. It was a frustrating 2 days. Plus, I haven't had a lot of sleep, but I'm at my parents house now where I can rest. Ahhhhh.


Anonymous said...

Just relax and take shelter in Preston and Pam's arms. It will feel good and you will be rejuvinated...it will be good for all of you! Can't you just imagine how GREAT it will be to rest in His shelter and to know that it will never end!
Love to all!
Mrs. G

Michawn said...

there's no place like home! and resting at your 'first home' with your parents...ahhhh!

enjoy yourself!!

Haley Frederick said...

Yuck! glad you finally made. Enjoy some pampering from your parents... and go eat Pappasito's for those of us who don't have good mexican food. :)

Love you!

AUNY said...

Already eaten Pappacito's right when I got off of the plane! Ha!

Barbara said...

what a problem!!
airlines are a problem. you can't be sure you will arrive at time to your destiny.
The good thing is that you are safe at home.
better late than never.
I'm glad you are fine. Enjoy your day's with your parents. Say hi to them for me!