Friday, August 14, 2009

Show in Brookhaven, MS

There are some really nice people in this town. They are so helpful. At the show, the volunteers were some of the best I've had. They were so accommodating at the restaurants and hotel and everywhere.

The show last night was good. We had a very full day doing two school assemblies and a big show that night. The show happened to be outside. This made things very complicated and hot! It was so humid and sticky. Over 1,500 people showed up which was incredible. Of the ones that gave their lives to the Lord last night, many of them were adults.

Yesterday was tough, but it was worth it. When we were eating dinner after the show, a girl told us about her friend who wanted to follow Jesus, but she was too scared to go and talk with someone right then. She said that she would talk to her mom about it when she got home. Pray for this city. Pray that God continues to move and work and bless.


Barbara said...

i can imagine the show outside! you must be exhausted.

i'll pray for you and the town. with your precence they are already blessed.