Thursday, March 06, 2008


I see the signs of burnout for me. I'm feeling tired, resentful, and apethetic. I'm tired of all of the pressure to keep up this ministry. It's not life or death...I feel that it's more than that. It's ETERNAL life or death that we are dealing with. The shows themselves are going very well. Once I get to a show and actually begin doing it, I love it!

What I'm not fond of right now is the other 22 hours of the day out on the road. The time in the middle of the night where I cannot remember where the bathroom is in this hotel room or rearranging our luggage on the sidewalk at the airport in order to get all of our liquids checked and make sure that none of our bags are over the 50 pound limit.

Tonight has not helped matters. Our plane was late which cost us an hour. The rental car place was a joke which took an extra hour. Our hotel is an hour drive away which had some construction causing us to stop for 20 minutes. It's midnight now and we are still not to our hotel. Did I mention that we have to perform tomorrow at 7:45am? Please pray for us. Also, pray that the show goes well tomorrow night.


Amber said...

I'll be praying for extra strength and perseverance! Keep up the AWESOME work:)

kelli beth said...

I'll be praying that you woke up refreshed and renewed.

Michawn said...

Oh hard. When is your 2 weeks off...soon right? I'm praying that it comes quickly and that you are made content until then. Then you can get refreshed and have some fun with your friends.

Anonymous said...

Where is the Cocoa Tree when you NEED it??????????

Praying for you both--oh yes, and much love!

Mom G

Lucy Thomas said...

Auny...we do pray for you and the streneous work that you all are doing. I know the taveling gets tough..keep the all are doing a grat job. We read your blog everyday and love keeping up with you!!

Shannon said...

Praying for you and Brock! Miss you guys and I'm sorry that you are both worn out...Only one more show before you get a break! Hang in there..

I'll be praying for you!

AUNY said...

Thanks for all of the prayer. I just have to make it through two more days. As I said, once I start the show, I'm great! We have one tonight and one tomorrow night. Then, we go home!!!!!

"Mom" said...

I hope you got safely to NC.

I wnated to let you know that the show in IN was amazing. My daughter took a big step towards Jesus. We've been waiting for this move for three years.

THANK YOU! You may feel burned out, but you are making differences in kids that are outside the box.