Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!!

Well, we did get to fly home last night, but our luggage didn't make it. Therefore, I have no makeup or hair stuff or anything for today. Oh well! I'm doing the all natural thing for Easter today.

We got in at about 11pm last night and I began making pies and Brock marinated the meat. Now, I'm going to finish the pies, Brock will put the pork loin in the Cajun Microwave, and we will be off to the early service at church! After church I'm going to stop by the grocery store and get bread and flowers (the only thing I couldn't purchase ahead of time). Everyone is coming over at about 12:30.

I'm going to get flowers because when I went into Walmart to get some things for our party, I got a little sad. Out of the 5 or so aisles of Easter stuff, there was nothing about Jesus. Then, I saw some lilies on the way out, so I thought that's what I'll get! I'm decorating with flowers to represent life! Jesus rose out of the grave!!! I also studied that the word "lily" in the Bible could have meant any kind of colorful flower like tulips. So, I might get some pretty tulips or something. What are you doing to celebrate today?


Anonymous said...

In our Bible Study group we will be reading different accounts of the resurrection, and think about the power of Jesus who lives in us. In church, one of our young preacher boys (Chip) will present a monologue of Peter when he encountered the risen Christ. Just reading and hearing about and singing about the resurrection story with other believers is a joyous time for me. Mom in Shepherd

Barbara said...

..... i don't know.... but i'll do something for sure.