Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring, To-Do-Lists, and Recouping

Spring is here! It has been gorgeous the last couple of days. In between washing sheets and towels and writing up expense sheets, I'll go lay on the hammock and read. What peace I find there on my hammock!

I've actually done everything on my to-do-list. That never happens! I usually bump a couple of things to the next week. However, I did stop putting unrealistic things on the list like "organize the office." That helps. Now, I have three whole days with no responsibilities! That sounds amazing, but it could get boring...we'll see.

For the last few days, Brock and I have almost felt like we're trying to recoup from being sick. For example, yesterday, after doing a bunch of errands, both of us felt weak like we did too much in one day. That's the effect of the last couple of trips out on the road have done to us. We're getting back up to par, though!


Steph said...

so glad yall are getting to rest. by the way i edited that pic on my blog. sorry.

Scott and Lyndsay Crews said...

Boredom is a beautiful thing. I recommend it every once in a while. I helps you appreciate the other 362 days of the year (well, 363 days since it's a leap year) that your life is craaaaaaaazy.

PS - in the event that you do find yourself bored, you can add "Clean Scott's Office" to your to-do list. Great idea, huh?

AUNY said...

Steph, I was totally kidding!