Friday, May 15, 2009

THE STORY OF US: The Engagement

I don't suggest this for anyone else, but our circumstances were different. We did things opposite of how it usually goes. We knew all about each other before we began dating. Since Brock was about to graduate from college in May and begin doing this ministry full time and needed a full time assistant, we decided to get married in May of '99. This would put us marrying six months after our first date. It didn't make much sense for us to go on the road together and not be married.

We had the date set. Brock even had the ring. The only thing left was the proposal. I wondered if he would do it at one of his shows. My birthday was coming up, or maybe he'd do it on Valentine's day.

One random night in January, we were rehearsing our illusions at a church. Nobody was in the audience. We were just practicing a routine over and over. After I "disappeared" in one of our illusions, Brock opened the box in order to reveal that I'd reappeared and out in the audience were all of our friends from college. Since the music was turned up, I didn't hear them enter.

I was sorta taken off guard, so I said, "What are ya'll doing here?" One of my friends pointed to my left side. I looked over and Brock was on one knee holding a ring. I flew into his arms and said, "Yes!"


Amanda said...

**CHILLS** This is my new favorite romance series!